All a twitter about ‘Sweet Lorraine’

Stamp___Twitter_by_shadowed_light_wavesMy friend Lorraine from Canada persuaded me to get start using Twitter, which lead me to revisit my Facebook page, and subsequently, start this blog. Because of this gift Lorraine gave me, I have to give her a shout out! Here’s the skinny:

Lorraine’s love/hobby/part-time profession is belly dancing. You can find links to her favorite and fantastic music by following Lorraine (aka @Oldbellydancer) on Twitter.

…enter the ideal segway…

Which brings me to her other love, husband Geoff Lapp, popular Canadian jazz musician (aka  on Twitter). For more info about Geoff’s music visit, follow @GeoffLappTrio on Twitter, or listen to Sweet Lorraine on CDBaby, and buy a DC there while you’re at it.

So, thanks Lorraine, for getting me into social networking. I guess this is what its all about!


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