4 Lessons on Changing Your Twitter Name

Stamp___Twitter_by_shadowed_light_wavesWhen I signed up on Twitter, I found out that someone was already using “my” name, (heathergraef), so I had to choose an alternate (heathergraefcom). So what happens if I want to change my name in the future? Will everything get messed up? The answer is yes…and no. Read on to for 4 stories about how people lost — and found their Twitter identities.

1. Problem

Blogger Ernesto Burden addresses how squatters can took his Twitter name:

2. Solution

Jon Bishop explains how he changed his Twitter name without losing followers:

3. Warning

Brad at Powered Production warns us on what NOT to do:

4. Hope

TheNextWeb.com explains how to get a Twitter name that is already taken, but is currently inactive:


One thought on “4 Lessons on Changing Your Twitter Name

  1. Hey Heather – thank you so greatly for the link, believe me – it’s a serious warning! As I still don’t really have the name that I wanted – but @Brad_Parler (with the underscore will do for now).

    What ever you do, don’t steal your own name by registering it with another email, and don’t count on Twitter Support to help you out as they have too many other fires and fail whales to take care of!


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