Foodies for a Day

Today was not about [graphic] design, it was about the art of food. The original plan: Meet my mom for lunch and see a lecture at a bookstore then come home. What actually occurred: After seeing my mom’s artwork displayed in the window at Dimensions gallery in Petaluma, we had a yummy salad and caramelized-onions-with-lamb on a thin-crust pizza at Graffiti, did some impromptu antiquing (there happened to be an antique street fair going on), then landed at Copperfield’s book store to see a lecture by Cake Wreck blogger, Jen Yates, where we were served delicious cake balls and a chocolate cake made by local bakers. After all this we still had time to see a matinee showing of Julie & Julia. I love to cook, so this movie (and this day) was a total treat, and inspiring enough to make us go back to the bookstore to see what Julia Child cookbooks we could find. It seems they have a hard time keeping them on the shelf, but I ended up with some unexpected items — a non-Julia cookbook called “Curry Bible” and Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations,” which literally fell off the shelf on top of me. Being a fan, this was obviously a sign, so I took Anthony home with me as well. Looking forward to some good reading and cooking.

Bon appétit!


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