Harry O’ Diamond

I came across a nice article by Steve Vaught about the work my grandfather, Harry O’ Diamond did for Westways Magazine in the 1950’s. Harry’s style was wonderful and witty, and remains fresh and modern to this day.
Click here to read the article and see more of these great covers.


New DIY Blogs

I just started some new blogs! This is quite bold of me, I know, but it gives me a virtual warehouse to stockpile my creative ideas. I will be sharing interesting and useful design concepts and craft projects that I find online, and in the future, posting my own tutorials and projects for inspiration.

Design & Style Inspiration for You and Your Home:

Craft & DIY Projects:

Marin Handmade, a blog for our group art shows:


Thanks so some great connections at MAWS (@maws_org on twitter), I am working on their new identity and new website graphics. MAWS is a nationally recognized organization for preventing domestic violence, in San Rafael, California.

Aside from these, and other graphic design projects, I was invited to sell my new handbags at Roots Collaborative in Mill Valley, CA. This will be my first retail shop, and I am very excited.

I’m making some  inquiries for a new project. I’d like to get a gaggle of artists together to design graphics for a collection of semi-permanent decals for interiors. I have seen some great designs out there and think I/we can contribute to the market.

Fancy Facebook

I’m offering customized Facebook Profile Pictures at $50. See an example live on one of my Fan Pages at: http://www.facebook.com/GstudioStyle. When you go to my page, you’ll see that I used a secret little trick that makes the image seem to extend up into the blue area. Cool, huh? Contact me for more info. [Note: this article is out of date, and my Facebook graphic has changed on the link provided.]

Customizing your profile picture is a good way to make your company, product or service on Facebook stand out, and look professional. You can also have a custom picture for your personal Facebook page… why not? No one’s stopping you from getting Fancy on Facebook!

By the way, if you visit my Facebook page, you might like the handbags I make. If so you can click Become a Fan for news and updates on my upcoming designs. Thanks!

2010 Resolution: Buy Indie!

Happy New Year!

As 2010 rolls in, a new resolution rolls out: Buy Indie!

The Buy Indie! Project is a graphic campaign I created in support of independent artisans, including those who design indie clothing labels, hand-crafted works, make music, foods, fresh local produce – and the small businesses who carry them. I can see infinite possibilities for this graphic campaign, but for now I am offering several versions of the logo, printed on a variety of T-shirts and gift items, available at my online shop at cafepress.com.

Wear one to support your creative friends and colleagues!

Buy Indie! shop and news:

NOTE: This blog is no longer active, but you can now go to THE BUY INDIE! PROJECT BLOG at www.thebuyindieproject.blogspot.com.

Its Like Christmas!

Fresh Out of the Box…

Gstudio Business Cards

I’m excited this evening because I came home to find that the UPS driver dropped off a special package for me. My new business cards for my bag-making biz, Gstudio – yippee!

Design Tip

I got them done at www.PSPrint.com, they often have great sales on business card printing (40% off this week) and other products. So far I have used them for two jobs, and have not been disappointed.

Put Your Face on Facebook

Facebook offers limited options for customizing your page, graphically speaking…

The only area you have to work with is the photo area in the upper left corner of your profile page — but there are ways to put a more personal stamp on this small piece of real estate. Here are a few examples and tips:

AllFacebook.com: “How To Create An Irresistible Facebook Photo That Turns New Visitors Into Fans”

Something’s Happening

Its been a while. I’ve been doing my thang — designing graphics, creating pretty social networking pages, tweeting… but this time, its all for my new venture, Gstudio — and I simply have not had the time, nor the mojo to write about it. A list will do:

  1. Decided to get back on track with making more of the handbags I designed earlier this year…
  2. Opened a new shop on Etsy.com where I am listing the bags, and hoping it will fly!
  3. Started a new Fan Page on Facebook for my new bag business. People can sign up there to receive my news about new designs, sales, events, etc.
  4. Make sure I Tweet once in a while about bags or bag-related business…
  5. Designed and built a website for my new handbag business, which is, at the moment quite small, but will grow in my spare time.
  6. Just today set up a much-better-than-it-was studio in which I can make these magical items!

So, as you can see, not many thoughts on blogging about graphic design, but I will tell you that all of the above items are completely related to branding, so I’ll just ask you go to each of the links up there to see how I integrated my graphic identity throughout!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its  off to work I go…

Foodies for a Day

Today was not about [graphic] design, it was about the art of food. The original plan: Meet my mom for lunch and see a lecture at a bookstore then come home. What actually occurred: After seeing my mom’s artwork displayed in the window at Dimensions gallery in Petaluma, we had a yummy salad and caramelized-onions-with-lamb on a thin-crust pizza at Graffiti, did some impromptu antiquing (there happened to be an antique street fair going on), then landed at Copperfield’s book store to see a lecture by Cake Wreck blogger, Jen Yates, where we were served delicious cake balls and a chocolate cake made by local bakers. After all this we still had time to see a matinee showing of Julie & Julia. I love to cook, so this movie (and this day) was a total treat, and inspiring enough to make us go back to the bookstore to see what Julia Child cookbooks we could find. It seems they have a hard time keeping them on the shelf, but I ended up with some unexpected items — a non-Julia cookbook called “Curry Bible” and Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations,” which literally fell off the shelf on top of me. Being a fan, this was obviously a sign, so I took Anthony home with me as well. Looking forward to some good reading and cooking.

Bon appétit!

Use Photography for Cool Backgrounds


Textures, photos and graphics create different feelings, from moody to magical, and can make an otherwise boring print design, web page or blog banner more interesting. Careful not to go over the top — textures can also be inappropriate if they have nothing to do with your subject!

Max at Design Shard has taken a series of snapshots from around his house (example pictured above), which he is offering free of charge to use as background images. Check out his textures at DesignShard.com: 300+ Free HI-Res Grunge Textures You’ve Never Seen Before!
» Note: you want to download these, you have to click the long link names in the designshard.com website, then you will be taken to a Rapid Share download page, click free user, and your download will begin.


Mona Lisa – Starry Night, ©2006 Scott Wade

Happy Monday!
These are a few fun sites I stumbled upon last week, using StumbleUpon:

Unusual Art and Design

http://dirtycarart.com / Video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAonZ7FbfGQ



Fun with folding

http://www.howtofoldashirt.net (a cult classic)


This for my birthday, please!


Enjoy the rest of your week!